Terms of Service


Clothing must be recently cleaned, pressed, and on a hanger.

The items must smell fresh; no moth balls, storage odors, or smoke smells.

We accept sizes 0-24 in women's clothing, and men clothing from 29 up to size 38-44. We also accept children & youth clothing and shoes.

On each drop-off: Only 10 items total and they may include two pair of shoes, two hand bag and up to 4 accessories, etc; to make up 10 items total, per 7 day drop off/drop ship.

Please bring a combination of garments, not more than two of one item; as in two jeans, two sweaters, etc

Consignment Scheduling
Please email us for scheduling @ tb.blend1@ymaill.com

Consignment Policies

We consign the items for 60 days. It is the consignor's responsibility to remove ANY unsold items prior to the 60 day donation date (on contract). Any remaining items will be donated at Blend Consignment discretion.

Consignors will receive 40% of the selling price for the items sold. Checks are mailed on the last day of every months, (Feb, April, etc) Account balances under $20.00 will roll over to the next even month until a minimum balance for payment of $35.00 is reached or requested otherwise at an higher amount.

Account balances may be used for store credit at any time.